Njörðshof Fundraiser



“The third among the Æsir is he that is called Njördr: he dwells in heaven, in the abode called Nóatún. He rules the course of the wind, and stills sea and fire; on him shall men call for voyages and for hunting. He is so prosperous and abounding in wealth, that he may give them great plenty of lands or of gear; and him shall men invoke for such things.” 

Njörðr shall have his hof and our AFA Family shall make this happen ….. The road to Njörðshof begins today!

The road to Njörðshof has 3 phases:

1) We must pay off the remaining loan amount for our previous 2 hofs:  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! (pay off check will be in the mail Monday!)

2) We increase or Maintain our average monthly income (including this fundraiser!):  We have met the Goal!  Now we MUST maintain it!

3) We locate a property and secure funding and any necessary down-payment:  We have compiled a list of counties in order of best to less best.  We have secured lending for $20,000 (not enough…but possibly enough for a nonpayment.)  We have a list of Real Estate Agents to begin contacting next week.

I will adjust these numbers and update you all on progress as it happens.  Your generosity is Astounding and ALWAYS appreciated.