4th Annual Charming of the Plow


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We will come together for three magnificent days at the base of Washington’s dramatic Cascade Range – February 4-6, 2022 – to celebrate the pre-Spring festival called Charming of the Plow. Join us as we blót to the Aesir and Vanir for new growth and plenty in the coming year, and share our troth.

Many AFA leaders, including Founder Stephen McNallen, Alsherjargothi Matt Flavel, and Witan Brandy Callahan, will join us at this family-friendly event. Gythia Sheila McNallen will host a Ladies’ Moot to honor our women, with topics related to community-building, family relationships, and the nature of our goddesses.

This private lodge Includes eight deluxe cabins, with bathrooms and kitchenettes, each sleeping six people. The main lodge has a game room, a rock fireplace, a gourmet kitchen, and a hot tub just to name a few of the amenities! There will be powerful blóts, engaging talks, games, and a trip into Leavenworth, a Bavarian-style village, to visit the Bierstube! Beneath snowy crags and twinkling stars, we’ll take part in the hustle and bustle of this popular destination. For those who love German culture – and who doesn’t? – you will find traditional German fare, costumes, and music. (Did I mention the Bierstube?)

Your ticket includes four delicious meals plus beverages, and two nights of lodging.

Back at our lodge, you can cozy up around the fire, enjoy some mulled wine or tasty spirits, tell stories, and build the bonds of kinship and troth that bind us. Towels and linens are provided. Be sure to make your reservation early! Notify Gothi Joe Rozanek if you are thinking of bringing a dog.

Children attend free, but we will hold an auction to help cover our expenses and to help make this the premier national AFA event in the Pacific Northwest!

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